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Social Support Services for Older Adults in Halton

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  • Halton Region Services 311 or (905) 825-6000
    (call for regional and municipal information ex. flu clinic, garbage pick-up, housing and financial assistance, etc.)
  • Ontario 211
    (call for provincial community and social resources across Ontario)


Mental Health Crisis Supports

  • Senior Safety Line 1 (866) 299-1011
    Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (24hr crisis and support line)
  • COAST, CMHA 1 (877) 825-9011
    Crisis Outreach And Support Team, Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Halton Women’s Place (24hr crisis and support line, shelter)
  • North Halton (905) 878-8555
  • South Halton (905) 332-7892
  • SAVIS (905) 875-1555
    Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services of Halton (24hr crisis line)

Mental Health and Elder Abuse Supports

  • CMHA Halton Region Branch (905) 693-4270 or 1 (877) 693-4270
    Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Women’s Centre of Halton (905) 847-9104
    (no fee, peer support, counselling, life skills coaching, and more)
  • Ontario Caregiver Helpline 1 (833) 416-2273
    (no fee, 24hr line for information, resources, and referrals)
  • Connex Ontario 1 (866) 531-2600
    (no fee, 24hr line for information on mental health, addiction, and problem gambling)
  • Distress Centre Halton (no fee, 24hr line for crisis, loneliness, emotional stress, bereavement, and more)
  • Burlington (905) 681-1488
  • Halton Hills/ Milton (905) 877-1211
  • Oakville (905) 849-4541
  • Seniors Forum Canada (647) 922-5925
    (55+, no fee, volunteer counsellors provide support to socially isolated seniors)

Social Supports

  • Connection in Action (905) 844-2299
    (55+, no fee, M-F 8:30am – 4:00pm, call for information, resources, and referrals)
  • Friendly Visiting and Calling (in-person visits & phone calls with isolated older adults)
  • Friendly Visiting & Tele-Touch (905) 827-8800
    Acclaim Health (65+, no fee)
  • Links2Care (905) 844-0252
    (65+ & adults with disabilities, no fee)
  • TeleCheck (905) 849-4559 x 104
    Distress Centre Halton (any age, no fee)
  • Phone-A-Friend (905) 845-6601 dial 0
    Town of Oakville (50+, no fee)
  • Connect & Share 1 (877) 427-6990
    March of Dimes Canada (no fee, adults with a disability are matched with a virtual volunteer)
  • Memory Visiting (905) 827-8800
    Acclaim Health (18+, no fee, volunteer visits for people experiencing early to mid-stages of memory impairment due to dementia, stroke or injury)
  • Sisters Circle (647) 922-5925
    Seniors Forum Canada (55+ women, no fee, women of diverse ethnic backgrounds, religion, culture, and race to learn, socialize in active aging activities)
  • Alzheimer Society (289) 837-2310
    (any age, no fee with one program exception, range of health, wellness, and social programs for those living with early to mid-stage dementia and their guest)
  • Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf (416) 899-8758
    (wide range of services for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deafened Seniors along the continuum of care)
    Email: HDSCC@ bobrumball.org

Support Groups

Caregiver Supports

  • The Regional Learning Centre (905) 829-7006
    (no fee, education for caregivers)
  • Caregiver Support Groups
  • Acclaim Health 1 (800) 387-7127
    (for caregivers of persons with dementia)
  • After Stroke Virtual Community Conversation 1 (800) 263-3463
    March of Dimes (no fee, for survivors and caregivers)
  • Home Caregiver Support Program (905) 469-9325
    St. John Ambulance (no fee, information and assistance to caregivers of persons suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses)
  • Ontario Caregiver Online Support Group 1 (888) 877-1626
    (no fee, for people who provide physical and emotional support to a family member, partner, friend or neighbour)

Recreation and Libraries

Seniors’ Associations and Committees

Newcomers and Immigrants

  • HMC Connections (905) 842-2486
    (helps newcomers settle and integrate into a welcoming and inclusive community)
  • Centre for Skills Development 1 (888) 315-5521
    (one-on-one job search coaching, workshops, settlement services, LINC and ELT classes, academic upgrading and funded pre- apprenticeship skilled trades programs)
  • Seniors Engagement and Empowerment Program (905) 875-3851 x 5005
    Achev (no fee, for immigrant, racialized, low-income seniors, social isolation and loneliness, elder abuse, and more)

In-Home Supports

Meal Supports


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