Social connections play an important role in our health and well-being. Having social connections provides us with opportunities to share information, learn about new things, cope with life stresses, and share a laugh.

If you are an adult aged 55 or older who lives in Halton and want to increase your social connections, call our Connection Specialist at (905) 844-2299. You can provide us with your information using our referral form or you can make a referral for an older adult who is interested in our services.

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Ideas for how you can promote social connections in your communities and neighbourhood




  • Sometimes a friendly “hello” can brighten someone’s day.
  • Learn to say “hello” in different languages.
  • Check-in with an older adult over the phone and ask about their day
  • Take notice when an older adult wants to chat or ask questions.
  • Take the time to listen when an older adult speaks and reaches out.
  • Ask an older adult to join you for a chat and cup of tea.
  • Invite an older adult to go on a walk or sit with you in your local park.
  • Invite an older adult to share a meal with you.
  • Set up regular times to visit with friends and family.

Offer support

  • Offer transportation for an older adult by taking them to appointments.
  • Offer to run errands with an older adult or offer to errands for them.
  • Take part in an event or activity together.
  • Drop off meals or offer to cook together.
  • Offer to help with technology like smart phones, computer or laptop, internet connection, email, taking photos, making a video, etc.

Learn about resources and services

  • Learn about programs and services that are available in the area for older adults and share the information.
  • If you are part of an organization or community group, consider offering information and resources that help support social connections for older adults.
Click here for our Resource List
  • Volunteer with an organization or group that provides services for older adults.
Go to Volunteer Halton’s website
  • Learn about volunteer opportunities for older adults, like the Senior Connector program.
Learn about the Senior Connector program
  • Learn about social isolation and build skills to better support older adults by participating in our free LITE Education.
Learn more about LITE Education
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