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What is a Community Stakeholder?

Stakeholders are groups and individuals who have an interest in, are impacted by, or can make an impact on a certain issue or cause. Examples of community stakeholders include service providers, community organizations, businesses, community groups, neighbourhood associations, committees, and others.

For Connection in Action, community stakeholders are groups and individuals interested in supporting the health and well-being of older adults who live in Halton. Community stakeholders may offer services and programs for older adults and their families, such as faith-based groups, pharmacies, food banks, libraries, real estate offices, and more. Community stakeholders provide invaluable support to older adults and sometimes are the only point of contact for older adults.

Connection in Action values relationships with community stakeholders. Building relationships can help more and more older adults learn about how they can increase their social connections. Connection in Action looks forward to collaborating with community stakeholders.

How Can I be Involved

1. Learn more about Connection in Action

We offer community presentations for your organization, business, or group to introduce you to our services. Invite us to your next team meeting or community event!

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Contact our Community Engagement Lead

2. Participate in our LITE Education.

Loneliness, Isolation to Empowerment (LITE) Education is offered to community groups, organizations, and businesses and can be tailored to your needs.

Learn more about LITE Education

3. Partner with Connection in Action by joining the Older Adult Isolation Action Table (OAI AT)

The OAI AT supports the work of Connection in Action and meets quarterly.

Learn more about the OAI AT

4. Help promote Connection in Action to your clients, customers, and members

Share our informational materials. Click here to order printed copies at no cost to you.

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Make a referral to our services on behalf of an older adult.

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Assistance with Your New Development of a Social Program

Is your community group thinking about offering social opportunities for older adults? Connection in Action can assist!

Connection in Action can support your faith-based, cultural, neighbourhood, or other community group in developing a new social program. You might be interested in offering community lunches, weekly games, exercise classes, or learning opportunities.

Connection in Action can support you in your planning process. Some things to consider when planning a new program are thinking about who exactly you are reaching out to, ensuring that marketing materials and the physical space are accessible for older adults, having a clear purpose that meets the interests of older adults, and much more.

Contact our Community Engagement Lead

by phone: (365) 999-2948

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