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What is a Community Stakeholder?

Stakeholders are groups and individuals who have an interest in, are impacted by, or can make an impact on a certain issue or cause. Examples of community stakeholders include service providers, community organizations, businesses, community groups, neighbourhood associations, committees, and others.

For Connection in Action, community stakeholders are groups and individuals interested in supporting the health and well-being of older adults who live in Halton. Community stakeholders may offer services and programs for older adults and their families, such as faith-based groups, pharmacies, food banks, libraries, real estate offices, and more. Community stakeholders provide invaluable support to older adults and sometimes are the only point of contact for older adults.

Connection in Action values relationships with community stakeholders. Building relationships can help more and more older adults learn about how they can increase their social connections. Connection in Action looks forward to collaborating with community stakeholders.

CIA Presentations to Your Group

Help raise awareness by inviting us to present to your staff, community group, or committee

Community Engagement Lead presenting on Connection in Action to a group of older adults.

Our presentations are suited for service providers, staff, volunteers, community groups and committees, older adult community members, and residential buildings. Our presentations help you and your members learn about:

  • Connection in Action’s services;
  • Our Connection Specialist and how we support older adults in Halton;
  • How we support service providers and communities in Halton;
  • How you can help promote us to your older adult clients or members.

Our presentations can also include information about:

  • The value of social connections;
  • Risk factors leading to social isolation and loneliness among older adults;
  • Impacts and outcomes of isolation and loneliness;
  • How you can promote social connections and age-friendly practices.

We offer presentations in-person and virtually. We can adapt our presentations to your needs and type of audience. Based on your availability and focus of interest, the length of our presentations can range from 20 minutes up to 1.5 hours.

When presenting to older adult community members and residents, we can offer a combination of a presentation and social engagement opportunity, such as a social tea, games, arts and crafts, and more.

Invite us to present:

  • at your next staff, group, or committee meeting
  • at a community event or gathering
  • to your older adult clients or members
  • to older adult residents in a residential building

Contact us for a presentation

Contact us to learn more about our presentations and to invite us to your next meeting or event.

Shahzi Yasmin Bokhari, Community Engagement Lead
Phone: (365) 999-2948
Email: Hello@ConnectionInAction.ca

Tabling at Events

Help raise awareness by inviting us to set up a table of our information at your next event

Are you hosting a community event and expecting older adults to attend? Connection in Action would appreciate tabling at the event and connecting with older adults and family members.

We can also table in the lobby or community room in residential buildings, community centres, libraries, and other spaces that are visited by older adults.

Contact us about tabling at your next event

Contact us to learn more about our table and invite us to share information.

Shahzi Yasmin Bokhari, Community Engagement Lead
Phone: (365) 999-2948
Email: Hello@ConnectionInAction.ca

LITE Education

Participate in our LITE Education: Loneliness, Isolation to Empowerment

Take part in our capacity-building education and strengthen your skills to better support older adults living in Halton and help promote age-friendly practices!

Loneliness, Isolation to Empowerment (LITE) Education is an opportunity for service providers, volunteers, community groups, family members, and older adults to broaden your understanding of issues that impact older adults. We provide you with awareness, skills, and resources to increase your capacity in supporting older adults as your clients, members, volunteers, and as your community members.

Learn more about LITE Education
Click here for our LITE Education Flyer

Contact us about LITE Education

Contact us to learn more about LITE Education and to enroll.

Shahzi Yasmin Bokhari, Community Engagement Lead
Phone: (365) 999-2948
Email: Hello@ConnectionInAction.ca

Assistance with your Social Programs

Is your community group thinking about offering social connection opportunities for older adults? Connection in Action can assist!

Connection in Action can support your faith-based, cultural, neighbourhood, or other community-based group in the development of a new social program for older adults and the development of materials.

You might be interested in offering community lunches, weekly games, exercise classes, or learning opportunities to support engagement among older adults in your community. Connection in Action can support you with your planning process.

There are some things to consider when planning a new program, such as thinking about your target audience. Your audience may be older adults in general, lower income older adults, older adults from a specific cultural group or faith-based group, and so on.

Another important aspect is outreach and accessibility. How are you getting the information out and what does the information look like? Do the materials follow age-friendly and accessibility guidelines? Is the event space accessible for older adults? Does the program have a clear purpose that meets the interests of older adults?

We can provide you with support as you work through the planning and implementation stages of your program.

Contact our Community Engagement Lead

Contact us to learn more about how we can support you.

Shahzi Yasmin Bokhari, Community Engagement Lead
Phone: (365) 999-2948
Email: Hello@ConnectionInAction.ca

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