Connection in Action supports adults aged 55+ who live in Halton by providing opportunities to increase social connections.

Connection in Action also supports communities across Halton by raising awareness about issues impacting older adults through capacity-building education sessions.

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Are you an adult aged 55 or older living in Halton and want to increase your social connections?

Call our Connection Specialist
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What are Social Connections?

  • Social connections play an important role in our health and well-being
  • It refers to the number and quality of relationships we have with the people around us
  • Do you think you could benefit from increasing your social connections? Find out if you are at risk
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Call our Connection Specialist if you:

  • Are an adult aged 55 or older and live in Halton
  • Are interested in boosting you social connections
  • Have experienced a significant change or event in your life

LITE Education

  • Our Loneliness, Isolation to Empowerment Education is offered to service providers, businesses, and community groups
  • Offered free of cost
  • Offered in-person or online
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Halton’s 55+ Population (2021 Census)

Halton is home to approximately 170,565 older adults (55+), making up 29% of the population.

Older adults make up 35% of Burlington’s population, the highest rate amongst Halton’s four municipalities.

Although Milton has a higher number of older adults compared to Halton Hills, they make-up 19% of Milton’s population, compared to 30% of Halton Hills’ population.

Did You Know?

Older adults in Halton who report a strong sense of community-belonging also report better mental health.

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